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Conflict managment among nursing professionals Essay

Strife managment among nursing experts - Essay Example Hence, this paper is intended to explore on how productive correspondence among nursing experts is exceptionally essential in peace making, work environment fulfillment, understanding fulfillment and wellbeing. Legitimate correspondence components are basic for peace making among nursing experts. Great relational abilities help in smoothing out the relationship among the nursing experts which give a level workplace. Truth be told, productive relational abilities permit the nursing experts interface unreservedly and without uproars and in this way can execute their obligations all the more effectively and in concordance. It is through productive correspondence that the nursing experts can get the chance to share thoughts and addition more aptitudes. The nursing experts must endeavor to create smooth correspondence systems to help in overseeing clashes. Viable correspondence procedures improve arrangement of issues on time before they turn crazy. For example, opportune administration of antagonistic vibe between two medical caretakers will advance working environment fulfillment since the contradiction will keep going for a brief timeframe. As indicated by Arnold and Boggs (2011), an unfriendly circumstance between nursing experts may radiate from joke of one’s supposition by others. Basically, the refereeing division ought to guarantee that any correspondence made to scorn someone’s feeling is denied to keep a contention from emerging. Truth be told, the administration needs to give a level ground to exchange between the clashing gatherings. Exchange is among the most best components for peace promotion. Fruitful discourse between quarreling nursing experts can instill regard between them which may help group building and proficient execution. Proficient correspondence disposes of disarray by patients and this advances their fulfillment. Clashes among nursing experts result

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Geographic Information About the Country of Peru

Geographic Information About the Country of Peru Populace: 31.77 million (2016 estimate)Capital: LimaBordering Countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and EcuadorArea: 496,224 square miles (1,285,216 sq km)Coastline: 1,500 miles (2,414 km)Highest Point: Nevado Huascaran at 22,205 feet (6,768 m)Peru is a nation situated on the western side of South America among Chile and Ecuador. It likewise shares fringes with Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia and has a coastline along the South Pacific Ocean. Peru is the fifth most crowded nation in Latin America and it is known for its antiquated history, changed geology and multiethnic populace. History of Peru Peru has a long history that goes back to the Norte Chico human advancement and the Inca Empire. Europeans didn't show up in Peru until 1531 when the Spanish arrived on the region and found the Inca human advancement. Around then, the Inca Empire was focused in what is available day Cuzco yet it extended from northern Ecuador to focal Chile (U.S. Division of State). In the mid 1530s Spains Francisco Pizarro started scanning the zone for riches and by 1533 had assumed control over Cuzco. In 1535 Pizarro established Lima and in 1542 a viceroyalty was built up there that gave the city command over every single Spanish settlement in the region.Spanish control of Peru went on until the mid 1800s at which time Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar started a push for autonomy. On July 28, 1821, San Martin proclaimed Peru autonomous and in 1824 it accomplished fractional freedom. Spain completely perceived Peru as free in 1879. Following its freedom, there were a few regional questions among Peru and neighboring nations. These contentions in the end prompted the War of the Pacific from 1879 to 1883 just as a few conflicts in the mid 1900s. In 1929 Peru and Chile drafted a concurrence on where the fringes would be, anyway it was not completely actualized until 1999 and there are still differences about sea boundaries.Beginning during the 1960s, social precariousness prompted a time of military principle that kept going from 1968 to 1980. Military guideline started to end when General Juan Velasco Alvarado was supplanted by General Francisco Morales Bermudez in 1975 because of unforeseen weakness and issues overseeing Peru. Bermudez in the long run worked at returning Peru to a popular government by permitting another constitution and races in May 1980. Around then President Belaunde Terry was reappointed (he was ousted in 1968).Despite its arrival to majority rules system, Peru endured extreme unsteadiness during the 1980s because of monetary issues. From 1982 to 1983 El Nino caused flooding, dry spel l and demolished the countrys angling industry. What's more, two fear based oppressor gatherings, Sendero Luminoso and the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, developed and caused turmoil in a significant part of the nation. In 1985 Alan Garcia Perez was chosen president and financial botch followed, further decimating Perus economy from 1988 to 1990.In 1990 Alberto Fujimori was chosen president and he rolled out a few huge improvements in the legislature all through the 1990s. Unsteadiness proceeded and in 2000 Fujimori left office after a few political outrages. In 2001 Alejandro Toledo got to work and put Peru on target to come back to vote based system. In 2006 Alan Garcia Perez again became Perus president and from that point forward the countrys economy and soundness have bounced back. Administration of Peru Today Perus government is viewed as an established republic. It has an official part of government that is comprised of a head of state and a head of government (the two of which are filled by the president) and a unicameral Congress of the Republic of Peru for its administrative branch. Perus legal branch comprises of the Supreme Court of Justice. Peru is separated into 25 districts for neighborhood organization. Financial aspects and Land Use in Peru Since 2006 Perus economy has been on the bounce back. It is otherwise called being shifted because of the changed scene inside the nation. For instance, certain territories are known for angling, while others highlight bottomless mineral assets. The fundamental enterprises in Peru are mining and refining of minerals, steel, metal manufacture, oil extraction and refining, gaseous petrol and petroleum gas liquefaction, angling, concrete, materials, attire and food preparing. Farming is likewise a significant piece of Perus economy and the principle items are asparagus, espresso, cocoa, cotton, sugarcane, rice, potatoes, corn, plantains, grapes, oranges, pineapples, guava, bananas, apples, lemons, pears, tomatoes, mango, grain, palm oil, marigold, onion, wheat, beans, poultry, meat, dairy items, fish and guinea pigs. Geology and Climate of Peru Peru is situated in the western piece of South America just beneath the equator. It has a changed geography that comprises of a seaside plain in the west, high rough mountains in its inside (the Andes) and a marsh wilderness in the east that leads into the Amazon River bowl. The most noteworthy point in Peru is Nevado Huascaran at 22,205 feet (6,768 m).The atmosphere of Peru shifts dependent on the scene yet it is generally tropical in the east, desert in the west and calm in the Andes. Lima, which is situated on the coast, has a normal February high temperature of 80˚F (26.5˚C) and an August low of 58˚F (14˚C).​ReferencesCentral Intelligence Agency. (15 June 2011). CIA - The World Factbook - Peru. Recovered from: (n.d.). Peru: History, Geography, Government, and Recovered from: States Department of State. (30 Septe mber 2010). Peru. Recovered from: (20 June 2011). Peru - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Recovered from:

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Exam Tips - Take CXC Essay Topics for a Test Drive

Exam Tips - Take CXC Essay Topics for a Test DriveIf you are looking for essay topics for CXC English essays, then I have the perfect list of essay topics for you to take on. There are several different topics that you can use when it comes to writing an essay, and they all come with a set of guidelines that you will need to follow to make sure that you are not missing out on anything important that could be needed in your essay. All of these topics can be found on the CXC English essay sites online, and I have included the essay topics here that are most commonly used by people that are taking English as a second language, as well as helping those people that may be looking for something new to read.One of the best things about CXC essay topics is that they are a list of topics that are widely used in a variety of different courses around the world. Some of these topics are already covered in most of the courses, but some of them are still new and fresh for students to read. Some of the subjects that you can check out are anything that is a particular religion. You can check the list that I have provided below and get a good idea of what types of topics you will be reading about when you go through it.First, you will find topics that relate to Christianity, such as questions like: What is the purpose of Jesus? What does he mean to us today? What kind of impact does he have on our lives today?Next, you will find topics that include all kinds of religious beliefs. Some of the topics in this list include the following: How can religions help us get through life?Fourth, you will also find a topic that deals with the importance of what we believe, and how important it is to learn to accept that which is true. This is a very common topic for anyone to hear about in their daily life and helps to keep us on track in the event that we ever feel that we are getting lost, or that we do not know the answer to a question that is bothering us.The next list of topics include s topics that deal with events that took place over the last few decades, and also deals with events that happened in recent worldwide. These types of topics can range from the fact that the world now has energy, to the success of Barack Obama. The topics listed are some of the most common topics that many students will be covering when they take this course.Finally, you will also find topics that focus on a certain religious belief or concept, such as: Is there a universal law of love or is there really such a thing? What is the relationship between our inner and outer spirituality?As you can see, the CXC English essay topics I have listed are a wide selection of topics that you will be familiar with. From these types of topics, you will be able to create some of the most powerful essay ideas you have ever written!

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Literacy Strategies to Use in Lessons for Struggling Readers

In many districts, students with reading difficulties are identified in the primary grades so that remediation and support can be given as early as possible. But there are struggling students who may need support in reading throughout their academic careers. There may be struggling readers who have entered a district in the later grades when the texts are more complex and the support services less available. Extended remediation for these groups of struggling readers can be less effective if the strategies that are chosen limit a students creativity or choice. Remediation with structured lessons that repeat the same material will result in less content covered by the students. So what strategies can the classroom teacher use to teach these struggling students who cannot read to access the content? When a text is critically important, teachers need to be purposeful in selecting literacy strategies for a content lesson that prepares struggling readers for success. They need to weigh what they know about the students with the most important ideas in the text or content. For example, a teacher may determine that students need to make inferences from a fiction text to understand a character or that students need to understand how a map illustrates how rivers are important to settlement. The teacher needs to consider what all students in the class could use in order to be successful and then balance that decision with the needs of the struggling reader. The first step could be to use an opening activity where all students can be engaged successfully. Successful Starters   An anticipation guide is a lesson opening strategy meant to activate the students prior knowledge. Struggling students, however, may lack prior knowledge, particularly in the area of vocabulary. The anticipation guide as a starter for struggling readers is also meant to build interest and excitement about a topic and give all students an opportunity for success. Another literacy strategy starter could be a text that all students, regardless of ability, can access. The text must be related to the topic or objective and can be a picture, an audio recording or a video clip. For example, if inferences are the objective of a lesson, students may fill in thought bubbles on photos of people in response to What is this person thinking? Allowing all students access to a common text that has been selected for equal use by all students for the lessons objective is not a remediation activity or a modification.   Prepare Vocabulary   In designing any lesson, a teacher must select the vocabulary that is necessary for all students to meet the goal for the lessons objective rather than attempt to try to fill in all the gaps in prior knowledge or ability. For example, if the objective of a lesson is to have all students understand that a rivers location is important in developing a settlement, then all students will need to become familiar with content-specific terms such as port, mouth, and bank. As each of these words has multiple meanings, a teacher can  develop pre-reading activities to familiarize all students before reading. Activities can be developed for vocabulary such as these three different definitions for  bank: The land alongside or sloping down to a river or lakeAn institution for receiving, lendingTo  tip  or  incline  an  airplane Another literacy strategy comes from the research that suggests that older struggling readers can be more successful if high-frequency words are combined in phrases rather than isolated words.  The struggling readers  can practice words from Frys high-frequency words if they are purposefully placed for meaning placed into the phrases, such as a hundred ships  pulled  (from Frys 4th 100-word  list). Such phrases can be read aloud for accuracy and fluency as part of a vocabulary activity that is based on a disciplines content. In addition, a literacy strategy for struggling readers comes from Suzy Pepper Rollins book Learning in the Fast Lane.  She introduces the idea of TIP charts, used to introduce a lessons vocabulary. Students may have access to these charts that are set up in three columns: Terms (T) Information (I) and Pictures (P). Students can use these TIP charts to increase their ability to engage in an accountable talk in expressing their understanding or summarizing the reading. Such talk can help develop the speaking and listening  skills of struggling readers.   Read Aloud A text can be read aloud to students at any grade level. The sound of a human voice reading a text may be one of the best ways to help struggling readers develop an ear for language. Reading aloud is modeling, and students can make meaning from someones phrasing and intonation when reading a text. Modeling good reading helps all students while it provides access to the text being used. Reading aloud to students should also include think-aloud or interactive elements. Teachers should focus intentionally on the meaning â€Å"within the text,† â€Å"about the text,† and â€Å"beyond the text†Ã‚  as they read. This kind of interactive read aloud means stopping to ask questions to check for understanding and allowing students to discuss meaning with partners. After listening to a read aloud, struggling readers can contribute the same as their peers in a read-aloud.   Illustrate Understanding When possible, all students should have the opportunity to draw their understanding. Teachers can ask all students to summarize the lessons â€Å"big idea† or a major concept that can be summarized. Struggling students can share and explain their image with a partner, in a small group, or in a gallery walk. They may draw in different ways: To add to a pictureTo create an original pictureTo draw and label a pictureTo draw and to annotate a picture Literacy Strategy Matches Objective Strategies used to support struggling readers should be tied to the lessons objective. If the lesson objective making inferences from a fiction text, then a repeated read-aloud  of the text or selection of the text can help struggling readers to determine the best evidence to support their understanding. If the lesson objective is explaining the impact of rivers on developing a  settlement, then vocabulary strategies will provide struggling readers with the terms needed to explain their understanding.   Rather than try to address all of the needs of a struggling reader through modification of remediation, teachers can be purposeful in lesson design and selective in their choice of strategy,  using them individually or in a sequence:  starter activity, vocabulary prep, read-aloud, illustrate. Teachers can plan  each content lesson to offer access to a common text for all students. When struggling readers are given the chance to participate, their engagement and their motivation will increase, perhaps even more than when traditional remediation is used.

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A Brief Note On The West Coast University - 852 Words

Signature Assignment MarkRyan Benosa West Coast University Diabetes mellitus is also known as, â€Å"diabetes† it is a chronic disease that is related to an abnormally high level of sugar glucose in the blood. It is caused by one of two means, a person does not produce adequate amount of insulin, which is made by the pancreas and helps lower blood glucose or an inadequate sensitivity of cells to the action of insulin. There are two main types of diabetes that corresponds to the high levels of blood glucose, type I which is known as insulin dependent diabetes and type II, non-insulin dependent diabetes. In type I diabetes your body is still able to produce insulin, which is a chemical messenger hormone that sends insulin to the blood and helps the body maintain homeostasis. Without insulin the food that we consume will not receive sufficient amount of energy. It is a vital hormone that is needed in our bloodstream. Type II diabetes is a metabolic disease it causes glucose in the blood stream to collect and become high. In this case our bodies are still producing insulin and it is being released into our blood stream but not enough. Some individuals who are a type 2 diabetic may only exercise to manage their disease but others may need to take medication to help enhance the insulin production in the blood stream. Some signs and symptoms of diabetes would include polyuria, which are excessive urine, polydipsia excessive thrust and polyphagia excessive hunger. If oneShow MoreRelatedA Brief History of Piano Greats and Jazz Essay1426 Words   |  6 PagesA Brief History of Piano Greats and Jazz The piano has been a pivotal instrument throughout the development of jazz music. Starting with ragtime, which developed out of classical music, all the way to modern jazz the piano has been a foundational instrument upon which many styles have been built. This is a result of the versatility of the instrument, as it has the ability to play accompaniment, rhythm, and solo improvisation simultaneously. Throughout the course of jazz history many musicians haveRead MoreThe Production Of Cocoa As A Byproduct Of Cacao1627 Words   |  7 Pageshas not always been in man’s best interest. From being consumed as a sugarless drink by Mayan emperors, to being the economic staple and forbearer of child labor in West Africa; we’ve come to realize that chocolate has lead quite the double life. But does the positives of the chocolate industry balance out with its negatives? A Brief History Again, chocolate is a well-known concoction of just the right amount of cocoa and sugar, sometimes milk; that has for some time been a crowd pleaser. ButRead MoreA Brief History of the Package Delivery Industry3089 Words   |  13 PagesA BRIEF HISTORY OF THE PACKAGE DELIVERY INDUSTRY May 5, 2003 I. Overview The package delivery industry, which consists of small package and express letter shipments, has changed dramatically over the years. Radical changes have occurred in the goods transported, the geographic scale of the marketplace, customers needs, the range of service options that carriers offer, and the transportation and communications technology that carriers employ. The market today bears little resemblanceRead More Recovering History, Constructing Race: the Indian, Black, and White Roots of Mexican Americans1677 Words   |  7 PagesConstructing Race: the Indian, Black, and White Roots of Mexican Americans Recovering Aztlan : Racial Formation Through a Shared History (1) Traditionally history of the Americas and American population has been taught in a direction heading west from Europe to the California frontier. In Recovering History, Constructing Race, Martha Mencahca locates the origins of the history of the Americas in a floral pattern where migration from Asia, Europe, and Africa both voluntary and forced convergeRead MoreTj Maxxs Roots Come From The Tjx Companies1556 Words   |  7 Pagesas T.K. MAXX or WINNERS but with the same concept. Continuing with the expansion, T.K. MAXX went to Germany and Poland in the 2000’s. The company also decided to launch an ecommerce site called in 2013 that prove itself successful. II. Brief discussion of the country’s relevant history The Republic of Guatemala, it’s official name, located in a great geographical spot allows diversity in its ecosystems and differentiates itself for its steep volcanoes and Mayan heritage. It gained itsRead MoreSouth China Sea Disputes: Conflict in a Global Crossroads Essay examples2173 Words   |  9 PagesSouth China Sea is a global crossroads that holds strategic importance for many nations world wide. The South China Sea stretches from the Taiwan and Luzon Straits in the north to Indonesia and the Strait of Malacca in the south with Vietnam on the west and the Philippines and Borneo on the east. In total size, the South China Sea surpasses the Mediterranean Sea. However, unlike this Near-Eastern comparator, territorial disputes and conflicting claims threaten the movement of global trade throughRead More Copula Variation Across Two Decades of Hip Hop Nation Language3142 Words   |  13 PagesLanguage syntactic feature of copula absence. Contributions to these areas wil l be made through an analysis of copula absence and contraction in the Hip Hop lyrics of six different East Coast artists across two decades of Hip Hop Nation Language. I will begin by reintroducing a summarized history of AAVE, taking a brief look at the origin debate and the key features separating AAVE from standard English and also a short history of the Hip Hop movement. While maintaining neutrality in the origin debateRead MoreHistory Development and Construction of a Classical Guitar3302 Words   |  14 Pagesclassical guitar although it is mooted that the first man who noticed a sound when he fired an arrow from his bow may well have triggered the development of the instrument. Antony Dixon, a guitar maker from the UK, in a page from his website entitled A Brief History of the Guitar ( tells us that around 1400 BC the Hittites, who were a bronze age people and settled in what is now modern Turkey, played a waisted bodied stringed instrument with a long neck, althoughRead MoreThe Arctic National Wildlife Refuge2134 Words   |  9 Pagesestimated small size of the ANWR’s oil and gas reserves. A brief history of the ANWR will be presented followed by the arguments framing the ongoing discussion. To better appreciate both sides of the controversy surrounding drilling in the ANWR, a brief history of the refuge and its initial purpose is imperative. The ANWR is located in the northeastern corner of Alaska currently comprising some 19,000,000 acres along the north Alaskan coast (Berger 539). The land mass extends from the Beaufort SeaRead MoreThe Age of Discovery - Impact on Philippine Culture and Society3786 Words   |  16 Pagesand the State Commission on the Columbian Quincentennial Observance. The project was sponsored by the Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa and co-sponsored by the Filipino Historical Society of Hawaii. †¢ †¢ †¢ Copyright 1992 FIRST EDmON 1992 SECOND EDmON 1993 CENTER FOR PHILIPPINE STUDlES School of Asian, Hawaiian and Pacific Studies University of Hawaii at Manoa Printed by: Hawaii Correctional Industries †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ The Center for Philippine Studies was originally established

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Self Driving Cars - 638 Words

Imagine laying in bed watching your favorite movie, playing your favorite video game, or listening to your favorite song. Now, imagine that on your way to work or to the store. Self driving cars could make this a possibility. We have been tinkering with ideas for autonomous vehicles for almost a century and a few companies have even been successful in designing a fully functioning self driving car. Roads full of these video game-esque cars controlled by artificial intelligence or other means of autonomy may not be as distant in the future as one might think. This, being a drastic change in the way we travel, could cause many issues. Due to these potential issues, it is in our best interest to raise questions before we implement these technologies. One possible question is: have we thought out any ramifications this might cause, and if so, do we have an approach to fix them? Engineers have been tinkering with ideas for driverless vehicles since the 1920s. In 1925 the first driverless car, named the Linrrican Wonder, was taken through traffic jams up broadway and across fifth avenue in New York. The Linrrican Wonder was controlled by a car following behind sending radio signals to small electric motors. Later, in 1953, RCA Laboratories designed a mini car that ran along wires on the floor. Five years later, they built a full sized model and demonstrated it by putting detector circuits under the road that sent signals to the car and controlled the steering and brakes. RCAShow MoreRelatedA Self Driving Car1623 Words   |  7 Pagessince 1920 people have begun to envision and research the possibility of a self-driving car. Autonomous cars are no longer a simply an idea for the future with current technologies we are very close to having consumer product available. Now the question is are autonomous cars going to be safe for the road. With new technology be ing developed and refined many company have begun to design their own versions of autonomous cars. Based on the huge backing of companies combined with possibilities of modernRead MoreSelf-Driving Cars3784 Words   |  16 PagesJames Fitzgerald College of Saint Joseph English Composition Research Paper Self-driving Cars and Vehicular Networking This paper will present information about self-driving cars and smart transportation systems. The technological barriers, security concerns and privacy issues concerning the implementation of these new systems will be addressed. The impact they will have on society, business, and government will be explored. Supporting data from research papers, news articles, and industry reportsRead MoreSelf Driving Cars Essay894 Words   |  4 PagesSelf-driving cars are beneficial because they’re going to improve the safety and reduce traffic in our society. According to Urmson, Chris and Whittaker, â€Å"each year more than 1.2 million people die in traffic accidents† (66) with this information we can we see there is a need for change. Vehicle crashes are one of the main reasons many people die in their first half of life than any other cause. There are many different benefits that these self-driving vehicles will offer that will cause changeRead MoreImportance Of Self Driving Ca rs1036 Words   |  5 Pageswe should have self driving cars is because they are a lot safer than regular cars. According to a Business Insider article, â€Å"Driverless cars are designed to have almost a superhuman-like ability to recognize the world around them.† This shows that they are a lot safer than regular cars because it says they have a â€Å"superhuman ability† This is way better than just a regular driver. The way these cars work is by having cameras on all sides, so this â€Å"ability† is a reference to the cars getting all thatRead MoreConcept Of Self Driving Cars1428 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The concept of self-driving cars has been a dream of humankind since the invention of the first self-propelled vehicle. The notion of boarding a vehicle without having to be attentive or vigilant has driven the automotive industry over the years to seek an alternative to the driver-dependent car. Years of research and testing have led to major advancements in the technology necessary to operate these cars, leading many to believe that autonomous cars will be a reality in the very nearRead MoreSelf Driving Cars Essay797 Words   |  4 Pages Self-Driving Cars a threat to America? What’s the one thing you have been looking forward to when you turn sixteen? Of course get to drive legally, but self-driving cars could take that special moment away from you. In a recent article published in 2016, it stated that self-driving cars are no longer science fiction; these cars will have many advantages and disadvantages. To start off self-driving cars are monitored by computers and those can glitch. Self driving cars are programmed to obey theRead MoreThe Invention Of The Self Driving Car1357 Words   |  6 Pagesyourself, â€Å"Are self driving vehicles even possible?† Well, the simple answer is yes. In fact, the self driving car and other self driven forms of transportation, like autopilot, have already been invented. The exception being that the self driving car is still being tested before becoming commercially available. It truly is amazing how much has been done in such a short period of time. Go back 20 years and some of these ideas seemed complete ly impossible. Autopilot and the self driving car are significantRead MoreA Report On Self Driving Car2724 Words   |  11 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY A self-driving car, also known as an autonomous vehicle, is a car capable of making decisions without human input. A successful self-driving car should be able to perform the tasks of a traditional passenger vehicle, but on its own. The major technologies that go into a self-driving car are LIDAR, radar, cameras, sonar, and GPS technology. The LIDAR allows for a mapping of the environment, the radar allows for the accurate determination of the speed of the cars surrounding it, theRead MoreThe Theory Of Self Driving Cars1649 Words   |  7 Pagesdeveloping automotive cars that will not depend on drivers or even the use of a wheel. Automotive cars hold a great promise in three specific values, which are reduced traffic with improved fuel economy, lower accidents, and accessibility for people with disabilities. But there are also three issues that should be considered, such as the psychological impact, the price of these vehicles, and the methods that are going to be implemented to ma ke these cars work. The era of self-driving cars is beneficial inRead MoreThe Barriers Of Self Driving Cars1802 Words   |  8 PagesLegalizing Self-Driving Cars in America An examination of the legal liabilities surrounding the developing technology involved in autonomous vehicles in the United States of America By Hannah Say Intro to Business Law Wesner November 17, 2015 Introduction This paper will analyze the key legal issues with respect to legalizing self-driving cars in the United States of America. The legal issues to be analyzed will include†¦ †¢ How many people say they would buy a self-driving car

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Chris Walters Essay Example For Students

Chris Walters Essay Since the nations founding, freedom of speech has been an important part of American Democracy. Democracy is based on the idea that only when people are free to express their views openly can they govern themselves effectively. (Bender Leone 13) When citizens can peacefully assemble and speak their mind, they are less likely to revolt and get violent. Which is why both the freedom of speech, and the freedom from censorship is very important for the government to run effectively, and safely. The writers of the Constitution were well aware of the advantages of freedom of speech when they made the Bill of Rights. However, freedom of speech is not an absolute freedom. As with everything else, this too has limitations. Such as yelling fire in a crowded theater, or exposing children to pornography or anything that would cause injury to people. Unfortunately the problem is that there is a fine line between what is obscene and what is inoffensive. So what should be censored, and who should censor it? Censorship is the act of deleting, editing or repressing anything felt to be immoral, offensive or objectionable. Books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, music and the Internet are some of the things that are censored. Who should be involved in censorship, who should have the last word on it, and what should be censored? The Government should stay out of regulating censorship, and it should be left up to the individual parents. Pornography and other obscenities are out there for all to see, regardless of age. Everyone agrees that minors should not be exposed to any of it, but with new forms of media popping up everyday, it is becoming harder and harder. Children can view violence on television, in newspapers, magazines, books, on the internet, etc. So comes the question: who should be in charge of censoring these forms of media? Some will say that the government should be the chief magistrate, while others will say its up the parents to decide what their children should and should not be exposed to. It is the parents right to supervise their children, and not the governments. Since 1791 there have been numerous attempts to limit free speech-including speech that threatens the national interest, speech with a potential to incite injurious behavior- speech that infringes on the rights of others, and extreme kinds of pornography or obscenity. Conversely, over the years the concept of freedom of speech has been expanded to include not just spoken or written work, but also symbolic arts of expression, such as wearing black arm bands, publishing pictures and artworks and flag burning. (Bender Leone 13) Since parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their own children, schools should have a decent respect for the parents beliefs and attitudes. Schools should make every possible effort to avoid offending the religious, ethical, cultural or ethnic values of school children and their parents. (ONeill 139) Many different devices and programs have been made available to parents to censor the media. But theyre all brought about because of the government. One of the more obvious forms of censoring is the black bars or sound editing found on television, radio and in periodicals. Anytime something pornographic or obscene is shown on television, a black bar is placed over the inappropriate areas, keeping children from seeing breasts, penises or other inappropriate body parts. With the audio end of this, in the past words were bleeped out, but nowadays theyre replaced with something less offensive. The newest method, for music only, is having the artist re-record it for public playback. This example can be found with Eminems song: My Name Is. Slim Shady. When this song is heard on the radio or played on MTV, they play one version of it, but on the CD the song sounds totally different. These are all good forms of censoring since parents cant be everywhere all the time to watch their children. Another program for censoring can be found in movies. 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By forcing a rating system on movies, it causes producers and directors to heavily edit their movies and try and make them more for the general public. A movie with an NC-17 rating isnt likely to get many moviegoers to go see it, partially because of the fact that anyone under 17 will not be allowed to see it, and most movie theaters will refuse to carry it. Where as a movie with a G rating, anyone can see, and therefore most movie theaters will carry it. Local governments ban books that they see as objectionable from schools. The government has decided that certain books are objectionable and should therefore not be allowed in school libraries. This includes more than just pornographic books. It also includes classic novels that most Americans have read in school. Groups have protested against the following books being allowed in schools; The Catcher in the Rye- by J. D. Salinger, The Grapes of Wrath- by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men- by John Steinbeck, The adventures of Huckleberry Finn- by Mark Twain, 1984- by George Orwell, nd a lot more. (Demac 10, 11) Fortunately, since we live in a democracy we the people can do something to fight against the governments control on censorship. Many campaigns, and groups have been started to keep the government out of the censorship business. One of the largest campaigns is the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Speech, which is sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center. Check out http://eff. rg/blueribbon. html for more details on the blue ribbon campaign and how to join. We can vote for representatives, senators, and a president whose ideals follow our own beliefs. We can also write tour congressman, or representative about how we feel about censorship, and book banning. Theres nothing wrong with censorship, just with the governments control of it. If the government passes laws on what children can and can not see, they are taking away the rights of parents. Theres no argument that certain things should not be accessible to young children, but it is the right of the parents to choose what is and is not acceptable. For parents worried about their young children being exposed to obscene web sites there are a variety of web filtering software available to parents. A few of these are Net Nanny, SurfWatch, and CyberPatrol. The government tried introducing a V-chip into the media stream. If passed it would have required all television stations to introduce a rating system for all of their television shows, much like the one used in the movies. Then the v-chip would block out all shows with the ratings youve specified. The problem with this is, the rating system doesnt apply to the news stations, and doesnt always work as advertised and blocks some shows that arent obscene by accident. Internet filtering software has the same problem. If the government is allowed to control censorship for all of us, then we as a country are one step closer to living in a totalitarian state. We must exercise our constitutional rights and freedoms or else they will become extinct. Legislators and regulators in the US and around the world are intent on telling you what you and your children may read. Please help teach the government that such a decision belongs in your hands, and those of every other Internet user and parent. The Blue Ribbon Campaign is a way to raise awareness of online censorship and freedom issues, from locally to globally. (Blue Ribbon) Regardless of content or consequences, free expression is a basic human right that must not be infringed upon by unbalanced minds. Censorship is repression. (Censorship Repression)